Program Calendar


September 10, 2019 Continental Congress Report, The Declaration of Independence by Ben Marchi
October 8, 2019

Program: Annette Constantino, Mid Shore Council on Family Violence Topic: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

November 12, 2019

Program: Sandi Wallis presents Mary Pickersgill and the Star Spangled Banner

December 10, 2019 Chapter Annual Christmas Party Luncheon &

Fund Raising Auction!

January 14, 2020

Maryland State Museum Outreach Chairman, Docent Rita Hunter, presents Christmas in the DAR Period Rooms

February 11, 2020  250th Anniversary of the 1790 Boston Massacre, & its influence on both the American Revolution, and on John & Abigail Adams
March 10, 2020 Women's History Month, Sufferage & the 19th Amendment
April 17, 2020 Annual Memorial & Patriotic Commemoration at the gravesite of patriot General Perry Benson
May 12, 2020

Annual May Luncheon & Chapter Awards